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Glass fiber supply continued shortage industry is expected to rise in volume and price

Glass fiber supply continued shortage industry is expected to rise in volume and price
Issue Time:2018-04-20
According to Zhuo Chuang information monitoring, the supply of glass fiber products is in short supply in recent years. In terms of alkali free glass fiber, the supply of alkali free 2400tex winding yarn is in short supply, while other models are low. After raising the price in the first week of the year, some enterprises continued to raise 200-300 yuan / ton last week, and the latest 5200-5400 yuan / ton of non alkali 2400tex winding yarn. In the alkali glass fiber aspect, Shandong glass fiber is currently only one of the grid products in the production, the supply supply continues to be short, the main stream of direct yarn above 300tex is about 6300 yuan / ton. Electronic yarn, G75 downstream demand peak season, low inventory, tight supply of goods, the mainstream turnover of 14000-14500 yuan / ton.
The industry believes that this year, environmental supervision and supervision of strict unconventional glass fiber small factories have been shut down, superimposing upstream raw materials, fuel prices and some pool kiln enterprises to stop working in succession, leading to the continuous shortage of glass fiber products and low stock. In terms of demand, the first quarter is an important time for replenishment of PCB industry, and the consumption demand for products such as fiberglass yarn is very strong. Coupled with the boom in domestic automotive and electronics sectors, the demand for fiberglass support is stronger. In the context of continuous improvement of supply and demand pattern, glass fiber products are expected to rise in volume and price, and the industry is expected to further warmer.
Glass fiber concept unit:
Jiuding new material: the company mainly engaged in the production and sale of fiberglass yarn, fabric and products, fiberglass products, other industrial fiber fabrics and products, building and decoration reinforced materials, is the national aerospace special glass fiber cloth fixed-point production enterprises, the State Economic and Trade Commission glass fiber geogrid key production enterprises, The state's outstanding high-tech enterprises, China's glass fiber deep-processing products base, comprehensive economic strength for 3 consecutive years, the top three in the national fiberglass industry. The company plans to invest 185 million yuan to build high performance composite continuous glass fiber scroll felt product development and production projects.
Changhai stock: the main business of the company is glass fiber products and glass fiber composite material, its glass composite material - superfine glass fiber composite baffle to meet the Japanese standard, to become a number of battery manufacturer suppliers.
Medium technology: the company's main high strength glass fiber and products, the domestic market share of more than 90%, the AGM partition domestic market share of 18%, is the largest special fiber composite research base of our national defense industry.

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