Application of FRP

  • Application in automobile industry

    Application in electrical equitment

    Application in water treatment field

    Application in railway vehicle field

  • SMC is the abbreviation of :” Sheet moulding compound”, is both a process and reinforced composite material.

    The main raw material by GF (special yarn), UP (unsaturated resin), low shrinkage additive, MD, (fillings) and various

    additives. After processing, with polyethylene film on both sides of the cover sheet.

    The thickness of SMC sheet is 2.5 mm - 6 mm, width 1000 mm, with aluminize film packaging by roll. It is storage in 25℃ below a cool ventilated place, storage period for about 60days - 90 days.

  • Series of our pultrusion profiles include square tub,rectangular tube,round tube,L-Angle,I-beam,channel, rod and other custom profiles. After combination and connection, it could be widely used in many fields such as: FRP grating platform,walkways,ladder, guardrail,plant of cooing tower, sporting profiles, tool handles and other load structures,etc.

  • Property of FRP Grating

    Good impact resistant property

    Flexural Property



    Light Weight& High Strength

    Fire Retardant



  • mainly composed of high-performance film, reinforced polyester and glass fiber

    Products can be widely used in roofs and walls of industrial/commercial/civil buildings. Function similar to commonly used glass, mainly used for roof lighting.

  • FRP vacuum infusion products

    FRP Rainproof cover

  • Power substation equipment around the bend, the guardrail,antimagnetic, antistatic, prevent small animals into cause equipment failure.

    Bend the pool of sewage treatment industry around the guardrail.

    Bend corrosive chemical industry equipment around the guardrail.

    All kinds of buildings around the bend barrier.

  • The company has a number of technology has been national patents, especially the large section of the central sound absorption hood profile, flat material, T-bar, rain caps and insulation fence, has become Beijing Power Equipment Factory 800KV and above UHV project set solution The only qualified supplier of program products.

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