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The main characteristics of fiberglass ?

The main characteristics of fiberglass ?
Update Time:2018-04-20

Raw materials and their applications: fiberglass than organic fiber, high temperature resistant non-combustible, corrosion resistance, good heat insulation, sound insulation, high tensile strength, good electric insulation.

But sex is crisp, poor wear resistance.

Industrial filter material, anti-corrosion, moisture-proof, heat insulation, sound insulation, shock absorption material.

Also can be used as reinforced materials, used to make reinforced plastic (see image) or enhance rubber, fiberglass as reinforcing material has the following characteristics, these characteristics make the use of the fiberglass is far more than other types of fibers is widespread, development speed also leads the characteristics listed below:

(1) high tensile strength, elongation is small (3%).

(2) the high elasticity coefficient, excellent rigidity.

(3) within the elastic limit of large amount of elongation and tensile strength is high, therefore, absorb the impact energy.

(4) for inorganic fiber, incombustible, good chemical resistance.

(5) small water imbibition.

(6) size stability, heat resistance are good.

(7) good processability, and can be done, beam, blanket, weaving and other products of the different shape.

(8) transparent through light.

(9) and resin and good development of surface treatment agent.

(10) the price is cheap.

(11) not easy combustion, the heat can be fused glassy beads.

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